Live-streaming and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Music Rights Australia’s General Manager Vanessa Hutley wrote an article for The Music Network about how the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a boom in live-streaming as artists try to find a way to earn a sustainable income in difficult times, and how there has never been a greater need to help artists protect their works online.


You can find the article on The Music Network.


Music Right Australia recently made a submission to the ACCC Ad Tech Inquiry, highlighting the role of advertising in funding websites which offer illegal music. The submission also discussed how with COVID-19 pandemic keeping more people at home and driving them online, there has been a spike in digital piracy, and how government intervention is needed to help artists protect and monetise their copyright online. For a copy of the submission, please click the link below:

pdf format MRA ACCC Ad Tech Inquiry submission (569.87 KB)

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