Digital File Check Kit

The Digital File Check (DFC) is a simple educational tool that aims to guide computer users. DFC helps to show how they, or their families, colleagues and friends, can enjoy music and film legally and responsibly.

DFC helps to remove or block any of the unwanted "file-sharing" programmes commonly used to distribute copyrighted files illegally. It also allows the user to delete copyrighted music and video files from the "shared folders" of the computer from where they are commonly swapped illegally on the Internet. Finally, it goes through a simple inventory of all music, movie and picture files on the user's computer.

DFC is an initiative tool aimed at all computer users, as well as organisations. It is especially useful for parents who want to encourage their children to enjoy music responsibly on the Internet. It is free, voluntary, for private use only and does not tip-off any anti-piracy organisations.

For more information see pro-music
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Reproduced with permission from IFPI.