Enforcement Kit

Music Rights Australia undertakes criminal investigations in relation to reports of copyright infringement. Investigations undertaken by Music Rights Australia range from market stallholders to sophisticated organised criminal enterprises. Where appropriate, contact is made with Law Enforcement agencies to progress these matters. Music Rights Australia also welcomes Law Enforcement agencies contacting it in relation to allegations of copyright infringement.

Common areas where Music Rights Australia regularly assists Law Enforcement are as follows:

  • Investigation and surveillance of suspects;
  • Identification of infringing music product;
  • Statements of investigators where required;
  • Trap purchases of the illegally copied music product;
  • Surveillance photos;
  • Preparation of a search warrant application;
  • Attendance at the execution of the warrant and assistance with identification of infringing product;
  • Catalogue of evidence seized;
  • Storage of evidence if required;
  • Copyright evidence to support any charges laid;
  • Preparation of indictments for charges to be laid;
  • A full brief of evidence; and
  • Attendance at any later court appearances.

For more information please contact:

Music Rights Australia General Manager
Phone: 02 8569 1177
Email: info@musicrights.com.au